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How to make a Forever Flowerz Peony & Rose Wreath

Posted by Sharon Holden on

Hey buddies, Shar here again! How are you all doing? I hope you are all well and staying safe!

I hope you’ve all had plenty of time for crafting recently, especially as the nights are now drawing in and it’s getting colder. I know I’ve been busy creating and getting ready for Christmas (it will be here before you know it)

I’ve had lots of fun in the last few weeks making up new Forever Flowerz kits, one of which being this brand new Peony & Rose Wreath Kit (Buy at £20.99). This stunning kit includes everything you need to complete the wreath. This would be perfect for any time of the year, you could even use it for winter weddings/birthdays.

Included in the kit are-

  • Green wreath base
  • Wooden flower tool
  • White berries
  • 5 types of foliage
  • Forever Flowerz Peonies
  • Forever Flowerz Roses
  • Complete pictorial instructions


To complete your wreath you can follow the below steps:

1. Make up your Peonies as per instructions

Step 2: Make up your Roses as per instructions

Step 3: Place your Peonies at regular intervals on the spikes around the wreath

Step 4: Place your Roses also around the wreath on the spikes

Step 5: Place the 5 types of foliage around the wreath on the remaining spikes

Step 6: Add your berries around the wreath (carefully unravel the berries, they are delicate so please do be careful), I twist them around the bottom of the spikes underneath a piece of the foliage and then manoeuvre them so they can be seen

Step 7: Once you are happy with how your wreath looks you can hang it up

Hints and tips

  • How about using the wreath as a centre piece on a table, maybe put a battery operated candle in the middle
  • How about intertwining battery operated lights on the wreath
  • These are meant to be interchangeable wreaths so you can mix and match our various kits with each other! [Show me other Forever Flowerz wreath kits]
  • You can add our other Forever Flowerz to this wreath, maybe add a different colour or style of flower [Shop other Forever Flowerz now]
  • Our other types of foliage can also be added [I need more Forever Flowerz foliage]
  • If you want a more permanent wreath, you can use a hot glue gun/permanent glue to hold the berries/foliage in place
  • If you are wanting to use them outside we do recommend you use a waterproof sealer

I hope you have enjoyed this step by step and I cant wait to see your completed wreaths! Please share them with us on our Forever Flowerz Fans Facebook group

Until next time, keep crafting

Much love


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