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I find Crystal Art so relaxing and therapeutic

Posted by Jital Rao on

My name is Candidiasia Ibberson (Candis).  I work full-time, term-time only for a local College.

I came across Crystal Art about 5 (five) years ago, when I attended an Arts Materials Live and Creative Art Show at the NEC with my husband, Marc.  Marc is my husband of over 17 years and has always been into his Art.        

This is where I first came across Crystal Art, and I met the two brothers Gary and Dino at the stand.  They were doing a demonstration which caught my attention and I was immediately intrigued as to what it was. I purchased a bumper pack of Christmas cards right there and then.

I find doing Crystal Art so relaxing and therapeutic as I suffer from several health conditions and also, mental health. The process is so calming and to see the project come to life is great fun and at the end of if you have a great piece of art work that you created. 

There are so many favourites, but my first canvas was the Cat Bookshelf by Robert Spangler.  A few others that are my favourites are Christmas in the Forest, Hummingbird Dreams, Unicorn Forest, Bird & Berries, and A Quiet Evening.  I love my clocks and notebooks too. Why buy a clock when you can create your own, Clever Cat and Watery Moon.  Love my notebook Kitty Bedtime Stories. I love the Lisa Stokes and Thomas Kinkade collections too.


Every kit that I have done has been an absolute joy to work on and watch it come to life. Crystal Art is very similar to painting by numbers. You do not need any specific artistic or drawing skills to create beautiful work. Patience and perseverance is the key. I find winding down at the end of the day at work with something like this is a great relaxation and a stress buster. Crystal Art is suitable for anyone and is great for one’s mental well-being.

I always purchase the Christmas cards.  These are immeasurably received and appreciated by family both in the UK and overseas.  There are so many things to choose from like keyrings, notebooks, clocks, stickers and different size canvas projects.  For my mums 60th birthday I had a custom print done.

Tips to get you started on your project: start by sorting out your crystals into storage pots.  Label the pots so they correspond with the letter or number of the crystals in your kit. Doing this will save you time and makes it much smoother.


Leftover crystals can be used in many ways, for example, you could create your own cards, decorate a notebook and lots more.

My other interests are in Family History, Genealogy, anything spiritual, mythical and fantasy.  I am also a cat person.

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