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I just love being creative!

Posted by Jital Rao on

How did you get to work with Craft Buddy and how you got involved in Crystal Art?

So, I met Dino and Gary about 9 years ago as I was part of the craft industry and my mum and her friend were working with them. We have been friends ever since and I have been working with them helping out at workshops, designing kits and sourcing new products for about 7/8 years. Most recently and since they have come to Create & Craft, I have loved guest presenting for them, designing using their products and helping to educate our customers with videos and promotions. Mum also still works with them and helps get them super organized every now and again in the warehouse. My mum is the wonder woman of having a clear up!!

What do you love about Crystal Art and what is your favourite?

I find Crystal Art so relaxing. The process is therapeutic and calming and seeing the effects come together is great fun. I think I most enjoyed doing the Skull Notebook as it had many different styles of crystals and the see the design come together was just beautiful. Also, my favourite is my custom Crystal Art I got made of my beautiful dog :o)


How did you get to present on CNC?

Ha ha…it was actually a complete accident and I had to cover a show for my sister, who at the time was doing Christmas decorations. That was now nearly 10 years ago! I have demonstrated for various companies through the years and also became a brand ambassador for C&C too! It’s been great fun…but I still get just as nervous for every show :o)

What’s it like in the studios?

Having been there for so long now, I know so many of the wonderful crew, staff and guests. It is great fun, always very busy but we have a real laugh behind the scenes. They have one large studio for craft, in which there are 5 ‘sets’. So, one or more show is being set up, one is live, and one being packed down. It’s a real hive of activity…and you have to be really quiet whilst doing it all too. Sometimes, when you’re as clumsy as me, that’s hard!!  The green room is just down the corridor (no, it’s not actually green) and that is where you wait once you have set up before we go to air or in-between shows.

What do you do while you are waiting to go on air?

We don’t often have much down time before we go live. You need to be at the studios two hours before a show and normally ‘set up’ and dressing the counters takes up this whole time! Sometimes there can be really long periods between shows, its normally a great time to catch up on some extra work, relax in the green room with the other guests. Sometimes your show products can change if you have multiple hours, so you need to re set the show or amend demos and such like.

What is your favourite part of going on CNC?

It’s a great atmosphere and I love catching up with everyone. The live shows are always fun, fast paced and it is quite a buzz. It’s such a nice change for me as I work from home, so it’s a very sociable aspect of my work. Worth the early mornings and the late nights!

What is your favourite crafting activity?

Whichever one I am currently working on :o) I turn my hand to lots of crafts…jack of all trades, master of none…isn’t that the saying?! I have been beading and jewellery making for several years, so I am always doing that, but I also love making things for my home, I have upholstered a chair, created canvases, up cycled furniture and all sorts of things like that. I like to challenge myself to learn something new every now and again, so I venture into all sorts, with varied levels of success! I’ve sewn bags and picnic blankets, knitted a blanket for my nephew when he was born, I have made my sisters and friends wedding invitations and for baby showers, the odd scrap book pages and most recently tried cross stitch. I absolutely love making wreaths with the Forever Flowerz ranges, that’s become a bit of a ‘go to’ and I really enjoy it because it’s so different to anything else. But yes, my favorite craft….is what ever I find myself working on at the time…I just like being creative.


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