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Make Along with Naomi: Create a Festive Lantern using Craft Buddy Lantern die & stamp sets

Posted by CraftBuddy Team on

Hey Craft Buddies! 

We have recently launched a new set of Eastern Promise Lantern dies & stamps and it's a wild success! We know how much you all like making these beautiful lanterns which can be used as a lovely home décor piece on their own, or with Forever Flowerz, Crystal Art kits & even tealights or LED lights! Naomi has been doing a lot of different demos on her Facebook live earlier using the Eastern Promise dies & stamps and also other Craft Buddy Lantern die/stamp sets! Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to create one of the fans' favourite design, Festive Lanterns, using NO GLUE, NO STAPLES & NO TAPES!

What you will need

  1. Any of the Craft Buddy lantern die sets [Show me the new Eastern Promise Lantern Die Set]
  2. Craft Buddy Winter Wonderland stamp set [Check out all the available stamp sets]
  3. Forever Flowerz Pretty Festive Double Sided Patterned card [Add to cart]
  4. Craft Buddy Premium Stamping Cards [I need these]
  5. Craft Buddy Festive Felt Embellishments [I don't have these]
  6. Ribbon 
  7. Memento dewdrop ink pads (Naomi's top picks: Love Letter, Dandelion, Cottage Ivy, Toffee Crunch and Northern Pine)

Let's make some lantern now!

Step 1: Using the outside cutting edge from the die set cut four segments in stamping card and four segments from patterned card of your choice. 

Step 2: Next apply ink to the different areas of the tree stamp and stamp onto the stamping card segments.

Step 3: Take the layering tree stamp and apply contrasting inks.

Step 4: Line up the layering stamp by looking we’re the pot and star match and press down. 

Step 5: You should end up with 8 segments that look like this.


Step 6: Layer the segments alternately on top of each other ensuring all the trees are in the same direction. Fold the ribbon in half and tie a knot at the top to make a loop.

Step 7: Use a flower tool or similar to poke the ribbon through all eight layers.

Step 8: Then also poke the free end of the ribbon through the bottom of the segments. 

Step 9: Push the bottom of the lantern along the ribbon until it measures approx 10-11cm. Tie a large knot to secure. 

Step 10: Select the felt embellishments you would like for the lanterns tail. Add these to the ribbon tails by placing them back to back with the ribbon sandwiched between. 

Step 11: Finally, gently unfurl the segments to complete your lantern. 

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