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Meena - A day in the life of customer services

Posted by Jital Rao on

I have been working at Craft Buddy from the very beginning, doing all the listings online and packing/shipping items from my garden shed. As we introduced new products, we expanded rather quickly and now I work from our head office in Chesham.

I absolutely love my job and really enjoy speaking to the customers. I often get customer who call to place an order or if they have an issue with orders, and end up having a little chat. They tell me how much they love our Crystal Art® range or making our Forever Flowerz kits and some are always eager to find out when we will be doing our next product launches.

I am an early riser and like to get into the office early so I can settle in and start my work. I tend to check my emails first and respond to all inquiries, which usually range from anywhere between 30-40 a day.  

The most common questions I get are customers asking, ‘where is my order’ or that they are ‘missing some gems’. If they are missing gems, I try to send them out straight away as I know they are waiting to complete their kit. I feel this is a huge advantage to our customers that purchase from us as we are a UK based company and can get replacements out to them typically within a few days.

I often get suggestions on what customers would like to see next and I always make sure I pass this information onto our design teams.

In regards to their orders, we aim to dispatch usually between 2-4 working days, but of course with the recent pandemic and whether conditions, there was a delay in us receiving the goods and out of our control; when I explain this to them, they understand.

I always believe that customer service should be of up most importance to any business, and I strive to resolved issues or concern as quickly as I can, or ensure I get back to them and keep them updated.

I am very excited to continue to see Craft Buddy expand and grow and look forward to new things to come.


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