Forever Flowerz Happy Hydrangeas Bumper Kit - Festive - FFHYD-KT2

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This beautiful kit gives you all the material and instructions to create 30-40 full bloom Hydrangea heads. Each bunch head is made up of 27 petals, added to the 9 triple stems and all secured into place on the multi head connectors. This will give you a full bloom, realistic and natural shaped Hydrangea head. You can then choose how to display and use your Forever Flowerz by choosing our stems, wreaths or garland to complete the look.

Forever Flowerz Happy Hydrangeas Bumper Kit: Festive: Enough to make 6-8 Hydrangea heads in 4 colours

  • 1080 flower centres
  • 40 multi head stem connectors
  • 360 triple flower stem connectors
  • 216 burgundy flower petals
  • 216 magenta flowers petals
  • 216 white flower petals
  • 216 orange flower petals
  • 216 pink flower petals