Forever Flowerz: Festive Poinsettias Complete Collection - FF-POIN100XMCOMP

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Forever Flowerz: Festive Poinsettias Complete Collection

Nothing makes a Christmas display quite like a poinsettia! In this collection of flowers, wreaths, leaves, stems and berries…we have Christmas decorations covered! You will be able to make approx.

100 festive poinsettia heads with beautiful glitter thread fabric and realistic touches. Follow the simple step-by step instructions to construct your pre-cut and coloured petals with ease. Once your flowers are made, you can choose, from all your accessories, how you wish best to display them. Be it garlands for the tree or table runners, wreaths for your front door or candle holders, or create realistic looking stemmed plants, there is plenty to choose from in this complete collection.

You will receive:

Forever Flowerz: Pretty Poinsettias- makes approx 100 flowers:

The newest edition of Poinsettias, these fun, vibrant and glittery flowers will give you all you need for brightly coloured festive makes. This kit contains:

- 200 pre cut and coloured leaves to make 20 poinsettias in 5 different colours. You have Gold, Fuchsia, Blue, Red and Soft Pink. These flowers are made up of two sizes, labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’ and simple to construct using the step-by-step instructions.

- 100 base leaves

- 100 stamen centre stems

- 100 end caps

- Wooden handle flower making tool

Forever Flowerz Festive Leaves and Stems: This bumper pack of stems fit any of your Forever Flowerz stem connectors and give you a huge supply of Holly leaves for the festive season! This kit contains:

- 50 x 24cm floristry stems

- 50 triple Holly leaf connectors

Forever Flowerz Wreath and Leaves Kit

The wreath bases we use for Forever Flowerz, make arranging and creating with your flowers simple, easy and fun. These bases have multiple connectors at various angles, allowing you to flower arrange and create stunning wreaths using the foliage included and choosing any of your favourite Forever Flowerz. This kit contains:

- 3 x 25cm wreath bases, the connectors work with any of your Forever Flowerz stems.

- 20 triple leaf dark green, fabric Holly leaves

- 20 triple leaf light green, fabric Holly leaves

- 20 sprigs of plastic Ivy

- 20 five leaf Mistletoe leaves

- 20 double leaf extra large fabric leaves with light vein detail

- 20 plastic holly leaf sprigs with fern detail

Forever Flowerz Premium Garland Blank:

Garlands are such a great way to display your Forever Flowerz giving them multiple uses, add them to a Christmas tree to decorate, drape around shelves, mirrors or fireplaces, or run down the centre of a dining table for a stunning display setting.

This garland has a realistic multi tines vine finish and multiple connectors to display foliage and flowers. In this set you will receive:

- 185cm vine garland

Forever Flowerz Berries Refill Pack:

- This collection of berries allows you to turn any of your crafting projects or floral displays into a festive pieces. This full berry clusters could cut down to give you smaller clusters, but kept together will give you 10 sprigs, each containing 7 berries and the connector at the base working with all our Forever Flowerz accessories. This means they will attach to your stems, wreaths and garland perfectly!