CCST43: Sparkling Numbers A5 Crystal Art Stamp Set

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Craft Buddy Crystal Art Sparkling Numbers A5 Stamp Set

Create gorgeous cards, gifts, and home décor projects with the new Crystal Art Sparkling Numbers stamp set. Great for making personalised projects.

Each numeral is in a bubble writing style with a scribbled border.

The stamped images contain small dots, perfectly sized to fit leftover Crystal Art drills, self-adhesive gems, pearls or liquid drops and glitter glue. These enable you to create Crystal Art images again and again!

The Sparkling Numbers A5 Stamp Set will come on a carrier sheet and contains 15 stamps (approx. 4.8cm in height)

  • 0-9 number stamps
  • Exclamation Mark (!)
  • Question Mark (?)
  • At Sign (@)
  • Hashtag (#)
  • Ampersand (&)

Our Crystal Art Sparkling Numbers A5 stamp set coordinated perfectly with our Crystal Art Sparkling Alphabet A4 stamp set