CA-SCKT3: Snowy Village, 3D Crystal Art Scene

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Craft Buddy Crystal Art 3D Christmas Scene Kit - Snowy Village

This fabulous, buildable 3D scene allows you to enjoy the process of Crystal Art embellishment and create a stunning decoration to display in your home or makes a beautiful gift. 

The concept is similar to painting by numbers. Each design has a numbered, adhesive template. Use the tool to lift up the coloured resin gems and place them on the corresponding numbered dots. The technique is a relaxing and therapeutic craft activity, suitable for adults and children (ages 6+) alike. The result is a stunning piece of rhinestone art you can construct and display.

PLEASE NOTE the acrylic pieces can expand or shrink, so you may need to file down some of the connecting parts with a nail file if they don’t fit into the slots on the base.

The set includes

  • Step by step instructions
  • Crystals, labelled and numbered for each section
  • Pick up pen
  • Pick up tray
  • Wax 
  • Ziplock bags for crystal storage
  • 2 acrylic Snowman
  • Acrylic House and Christmas Tree
  • Acrylic Presents
  • Acrylic fence
  • Acrylic display base with slots for each component to sit in

Your finished display measures:

14.5cm wide by 16cm tall


16cm x 23.5cm - 450g