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"Groot" Crystal Art Scroll Kit 35x45cm

  • £19.99

This fun Groot Marvel crystal art  scroll kit makes the perfect hobby and gift idea...

Step into the enchanting world of Marvel with our officially licensed Crystal Art Scroll Kit featuring the beloved character, Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy. In this captivating and adorable kit, Groot is depicted in a cute pose, waving a cheerful "Hi" to all.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Crystal Art Scroll Kit brings the magic of Groot to life with sparkling brilliance. The kit includes a high-quality canvas scroll, adorned with an adhesive template that guides you through the process of placing the colourful crystals. Each crystal affixes instantly, resulting in a stunning and eye-catching masterpiece that captures the essence of Groot's charm and charisma.

Whether you're a Marvel enthusiast or a crystal art enthusiast, this kit offers a delightful and engaging experience for crafters of all ages. Follow the numbered patterns and let your creativity soar as you bring Groot to life with vibrant crystals. The finished artwork can be displayed as a striking wall decoration, adding a touch of Marvel magic to your home.

Our Crystal Art Scroll Kit is designed to be user-friendly and enjoyable, providing a rewarding craft activity that allows you to create a beautiful and unique piece of art. Whether you're new to Crystal Art or a seasoned pro, the Groot Crystal Art Scroll Kit offers endless possibilities for personalization and creativity.

Product Contents:

  • Pre-mounted scroll, with stylish wooden hangers and hanging string
  • Tray
  • Crystal pick-up pen
  • Gel wax
  • Bags for left over crystal gems
  • Pre bagged and labelled crystals
  • Step by step instructions

Product Dimensions:

  • 35cm x 45cm

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 8 years and above

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