FF-WRPOP1: Forever Flowerz Wreath & leaves Kit

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Forever Flowerz Wreath and leaves Kit inc 2 wreaths and 160 foliage stems

This collection of wreath bases and foliage, gives you all the essentials to create arrangement displays with your favourite Forever Flowerz. 

The size of the connectors on each wreath base, are a perfect fit for any of your Forever Flowerz, flower heads. This green collection gives you a perfect foundation for a realistic display and the fullness to cover the wreath base.

You will also need less flowers to create displays when you use your leaves and foliage as a base, the berry clusters give an added softness to your makes.

You will receive: 

  • 2 x 26cm round wreath base: each with 60 connectors for flower and leaves
  • 40 pcs of large dark green fabric foliage, each with 3 leaves per stem
  • 40 pcs of tall green plastic foliage, each with 8 leaves per stem
  • 40 pcs of green large fabric foliage with light vein detail, with leaves either side of connector stem
  • 40 pcs of triple stemmed white berry clusters

PLEASE NOTE: The poppies in the design picture of the completed wreath are not included in the set.