5 x A4 Masking Sheets - Low Tack

5 x A4 Masking Sheets - Low Tack

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Masking sheets can be used for a variety of craft projects. See the list of things they can be used for and how they can be used.

Die Cutting Machines & Punches:

  • Die cut or punch the sheets to make a positive or negative mask
  • This can then be used when stamping
  • They can also be used to mask an are off, so glitter spray, chalk, inks and stamping can be used on the chosen area


  • When stamping you need to stamp the same image onto the masking sheet then carefully cut out and use either the positive or negative of the cut out image
  • The unmasked area can then be inked, chalked, sprayed with glitter glue or stamped without interfering with the masked area


  • Make scenery and backgrounds by cutting the masking sheet or punching circles etc
  • Then chalk, spray, ink or stamp through aperture or unmasked area