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8 Packs of AB Gems

  • £15.99

Self adhesive gems are ideal for us on paper, card, wood, textiles and fabrics and even on the body.

We stock a range of delicate diamante embellishments, clear rhinestones, colourful stick on gems and self-adhesive pearl gemstones äóñ all ideal for making your handmade cards, papercraft, wedding craft and scrapbooking projects look gorgeous. Our self adhesive crystals are also great for decorating phone covers äóñ create your own beautiful sparkly rhinestone art!

These gems do not require glue äóñ they already contain their own strong non-toxic adhesive.


  • 8 x Large packs of gorgeous AB gems in Round 8mm, 10mm and 12mm
  • 16mm Hearts. 2 sheets of each

*Please note äóñ when using on fabrics, these will not last through a wash in a washing machine.

*To make applying gems faster and easier, particularly of smaller 2mm and 3mm gems, we recommend purchasing our Pokey Tool, which has a fine tip which enables you to easily lift and place gems.

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