8 x Packs Self Adhesive Cushion Cut Cosmic Resin Gems

8 x Packs Self Adhesive Cushion Cut Cosmic Resin Gems

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Self adhesive gems are ideal for us on paper, card, wood, textiles and fabrics and even on the body.

We stock a range of delicate diamante embellishments, clear rhinestones, colourful stick on gems and self-adhesive pearl gemstones �æäóîäóñ all ideal for making your handmade cards, papercraft, wedding craft and scrapbooking projects look gorgeous. Our self adhesive crystals are also great for decorating phone covers �æäóîäóñ create your own beautiful sparkly rhinestone art!

These gems do not require glue �æäóîäóñ they already contain their own strong non-toxic adhesive.

This kit allows you to choose from a selection of dark and light colours:

Choose From Darks or Lights


  • Purple,
  • Gunmetal,
  • Teal,
  • Mustard,
  • Olive,
  • Red,
  • Grey
  • Duck egg Green


  • Mint Green,
  • Yellow,
  • Light Brown,
  • Lilac,
  • Plum,
  • Baby Pink,
  • Ivory,
  • Baby Blue

*Please note �æäóîäóñ when using on fabrics, these will not last through a wash in a washing machine.

*To make applying gems faster and easier, particularly of smaller 2mm and 3mm gems, we recommend purchasing our Pokey Tool, which has a fine tip which enables you to easily lift and place gems.