CCST-COMP2: Craft Buddy Crystal Art Mini Beast Stamps Complete Collection

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Craft Buddy Crystal Art Insect Stamps Complete Collection 

This complete collection contains all you need to create stamped images in a range of themes from our new range, sealer, to use as an adhesive to add your left over Crystal Art gems and even the paint brushes to apply it with! You will have great fun with this collection, from paper crafting to home décor, with the cute insect characters and beautifully quirky sentiments.

You will receive:

  • Craft Buddy Glistening Dragonfly Crystal Art A6 Stamp Set
    - Dragonfly character stamp 15x10cm
    - Star cluster, with 9 individual stars 3.5x3.5cm
    - Sentiment ‘Flying by to say hi!’ 4x3cm
  • Craft Buddy Buzzing Bee Crystal Art A6 Stamp Set
    - Buzzing Bee Character 10x11cm
    - Triple honeycomb cluster 3x3cm
    - Heart trial 3x5cm
    - Single Daisy flower 2x2cm
    - Double Daisy flowers 3x2cm
    - Sentiment ‘Bee-you-tiful Friend’ 5x2cm
    - Sentiment ‘Just Bee-cause’
  • Craft Buddy Love Bug Ladybird Crystal Art A6 Stamp Set
    - Ladybird character 8.5x11cm
    - Flower 4x4cm
    - Small heart 1x1.5cm
    - Medium heart 1.5x2cm
    - Large heart 2.5x2.5cm
    - Stalk 4x2cm
    - Sentiment ‘I heard you caught a bug…’
    - Sentiment ‘Get Well Soon’
  • Craft Buddy Flutteryby Butterfly Crystal Art A6 Stamp Set
    - Cute butterfly character 11x9cm
    - Trail path 8x3cm
    - Sentiment ‘Spread your wings and fly’ 7x1cm
  •  Craft Buddy Set of 6 Brushes
  • Craft Buddy Crystal Art Sealer 400ml