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FF-PP20CREAM: Forever Flowerz Premium Poinsettias - Cream makes approx 20

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Nothing marks a Christmas display quite like a poinsettia! In this collection of flowers, you will be able to make approx. 20 poinsettia heads with beautiful soft flocked fabric and realistic touches. Follow the simple step by step instructions to construct your pre cut and coloured petals with ease. The flower is made of two sizes of petals, labelled as ‘A’ ‘B’ and you make approx. 10 large, 10 small cream flowers and 10 large. Both of which can be further coloured, dyed, embellished and even sprayed with fragrance for a finishing touch. The flowers can be used as decorations or embellishments on wreaths or on stems (available to purchase separately). The perfect finishing touch to your festive makes!

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to create
  • Beautiful luxurious fabric
  • Extra-large realistic flowers
  • Flowers can be coloured

Product contents:

  • 30 small Cream poinsettia flower petals (15cm)
  • 10 large Cream poinsettia flower petals (22cm)
  • 20 stamen centres