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Forever Flowerz Wreath Kit (Makes 2)

  • £22.99

This wreath kit has everything you need to create a greenery base to display flowers. With two circular wreath bases, measuring 26cm, 60 connectors on each, and plenty of foliage, so making a decorative display could not be easier.

With connectors on the inner, centre and outer sections of the wreath, you can create a full wreath with foliage base, ready to add your favourite Flowerz. We recommend the Sunflowers with this wreath collection.

Simply attach your chosen foliage and leaves into the connectors and make sure you leave space to display your favourite Flowerz too!

Any of our Forever Flowerz varieties will fit into these connectors. For a more permanent fixture, you can glue your leaves and flowers into place, but they will also stay without.


  • 2 x 26cm circular wreath bases
  • 40 extra large, triple leaf stems
  • 40 small, triple leaf stems
  • 20pcs white and green floral clusters
  • 20pcs white, yellow and green floral sprigs
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