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Forever Flowerz Birthday Box Collection - FFBB01

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This beautifully boxed set of flowers is a combination of our most loved varieties in a colour co-ordinated bouquet. The set contains enough to make 40 flowers in a variety of 4 flowers (10 of each style):

  • Peonies
  • Camelias
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Hydrangeas Clusters

These white/cream flowers can be coloured using watercolour sprays, glimmer sprays, inks, dyes and paints. You can achieve your desired finish, colour and arrange into beautiful displays, make wreaths or use in mixed media projects.                    

Simply follow the step by step instructions to build your flowers, using all the tools and materials included. Choose to add them to stems for vase and stemmed arrangements, or add flower heads to the wreath base to create a decoration. Colour them using inks, sprays, dies or paints.


  • 40 stems (24cm)
  • 40 leaf cluster
  • 40 foliage flourishes
  • 30 flower base stems 1.5cm
  • 10 small hydrangea head stems
  • 80 Camelia petals
  • 120 Chrysanthemum petals
  • 90 Hydrangea petals
  • 70 Peony petals
  • 10 Peony base leaves
  • 10 Peony stamens
  • 10 Peony end caps
  • 20 end caps
  • 90 Hydrangea caps
  • 20 small basket caps
  • 10 medium basket caps
  • 10 large basket caps
  • Hand held wooden tool
  • Step by step instruction leaflet