Forever Flowerz Dazzling Dahlias – makes 120 flowers - FF_DD120

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Dhalias are a beautiful full bloom and this set will allow you to make 120 flowers, 20 heads in 6 different colours. You petals are pre cut, pre coloured and ready to form following our easy step by step instructions! There is no need to glue them in place and the tool is even included in your kit.

The petals are made from fabric, so you can colour them with inks, paints and even fragrance with oils and sprays for a scented finish.

You will receive:

  • 120 Dhalia Flowerz collection. Each flower is made up of 4 petals sizes and shapes ‘A-D’ and you will be able to make 20 flowers in Cream, White, Purple, Lilac, Pink and Orange. The flower kit is made up of…
    • 60pcs petal A, in all 5 colours
    • 40 pcs of petal B, in all 5 colours
    • 80 pcs of petal C, in all 5 colours
    • 40 pcs of petal D, in all 5 colours
    • 120 small domed caps
    • 120 stem centres
    • 120 green end caps
    • Wooden Forever Flowerz making tool