Forever Flowerz Festive Peonies - makes appx 100

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Forever Flowerz Festive Peonies - 100 Flowers in Total

The Peony Forever Flowerz are one of our largest and most intricate blooms, made up of four sizes of petals, you will create gorgeous realistic flowers in 5 different colours. Everything you need is included in the kit to make approximately 100 flower heads and can choose from any Forever Flowerz accessories to display them on, from our simple stems to large wreaths and garlands. 

You will receive:

  • 100 stems
  • 100 stamens
  • 100 small caps
  • 200 large caps
  • 100 fabric leaf bases
  • 100 end caps
  • Wooden handle flower making tool
  • Step by step instruction leaflet
  • 40 petal in: Cream, Soft Pink, Red, Blue and Peach