Forever Flowerz Pretty Poinsettias approx 120 flowers - FF_POIN120

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Nothing marks a Christmas display quite like a poinsettia! In this collection of flowers, you will be able to make approx. 120 poinsettia heads with beautiful soft flock fabric and realistic touches. Follow the simple step by step instructions to construct your pre-cut and coloured petals with ease.  You can make approx. 60 red flowers and 60 white flowers. Both of which can be further coloured, dyed, embellished and even sprayed with fragrance for a finishing touch.


You will receive:

  • 120 stamen centres. These contain multiple heads and a soft yellow and green finish.
  • 30pcs small petals in both red and white
  • 60pcs medium petals in both red and white
  • 30pcs bigger petals in both red and white
  • 120pcs of fabric base leaves
  • 120pcs of base end caps