Forever Flowerz: Festive Poinsettias - FF-POIN100XM

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Nothing makes a Christmas display quite like a poinsettia! 

Forever Flowerz: Festive Poinsettias - makes approx 100 flowers:

The newest edition of Poinsettias, these fun, vibrant and glittery flowers will give you all you need for brightly coloured festive makes.

This kit contains:

- 200 pre cut and coloured leaves to make 20 poinsettias in 5 different colours.
You have Gold, Fuchsia, Blue, Red and Soft Pink. These flowers are made up of two sizes, labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’ and simple to construct using the step-by-step instructions.

- 100 base leaves

- 100 stamen centre stems

- 100 end caps

- 50 19cm Florist Stems

- 50 Poinsettia Leaves

- Wooden handle flower making tool