Forever Fowerz Festive Flowerz Complete Collection

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Forever Flowerz Festive Flowerz Complete Collection 

This fantastic collection gives you all you need, and more, to create stunning home displays for the festive season. With the materials to make approx. 120 flower heads, you can choose whether to create stem bouquets or wreaths. You will have two shaped wreaths to choose from and an additional 300 stems. Get creative with your displays and add a handmade touch to your festive makes!

You will receive:

Forever Flowerz Festive Flowerz mix - makes approx. 120 Flowers: enough materials to make a beautiful combination of Roses, large Daises and large Chrysanthemums. Your kit will include:

- Step by step flower making instructions

- A wooden handle flower making tool

- 40 Rose end caps

- 40 Chrysanthemum end caps

- 40 Daisy end caps

- 80 green connector stems

- 40 Daisy connector stems

- 40 clear end caps

- 80 small basket caps

- 40 medium basket caps

- 40 large basket caps

- Chrysanthemum petal shapes: A (240pcs) in both Red and White

- Daisy petal shapes: B (60pcs) C (60pcs) in both Red and White

- Rose petal shapes: D (40pcs) E (40pcs) F (40pcs) in both Red and White