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Crystal Art® spare crystals

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Crystal Art DMC Chart




Order your crystals


In order to find the crystals you need for your project, simply find the DMC number or "Drill No.". This can be found either on the kit you received, or on a piece of paper which accompanied the kit. Here are a few examples:


Or, if you cannot find your chart list, you can search for it by clicking the link called “Crystal Art DMC chart”:


A new tab will open, and you must press CTRL+F  on your

keyboard in order for the search bar to appear.

Type the item code into the search bar and press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard which will bring up the list of crystals in your kit. 

Check which number relates to the crystal you need. Copy the number for the crystal into the website (Crystal Art Spare Crystals) search box next to the picture and add to cart.