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Forever Flowerz Cymbidium Orchid Single - Yellow

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😍NEW!... Spectacular Yellow Cymbidium Orchid...🌅🌺

These beautiful Yellow Orchids can be used in displays, vase arrangements, wire wrapped to garlands and wreaths…or even used as a stop gap to fill real orchid plants in between blooms!

Cymbidium Orchids, more commonly known as Boat Orchids, are tall, bold and colourful. This beautiful set gives you everything you need, including the cement pot, to create a fully potted artificial plant, with 3 full bloom stems. Each stem holds 8 flower heads, making 24 in total, and they are simply constructed by layering your 3 petal shapes. The flower heads can also be used with the modular system of Forever Flowers, meaning they can be added to our wreaths and garlands as well as other accessories for different displays and arrangements. Makes 24x plants.

Product Content: 

    • Cement pot with polystyrene liner: 9x10.5cm
    • 12 leaves and roots bound with florist tape approx. 40cm tall
    • 3 flower stems: 63cm tall: each holds 8 flower heads
    • Moss
    • Pot
    • Instruction leaflet
    • 24 petal shape ‘A’
    • 24 petal shape ‘B’
    • 24 petal shape ‘C’

    Product Dimension:

    • 3 large 63cm stems

    Age Range:

    • Suitable for children aged 14 and over, accompanied by an adult.

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