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"Savannah" Crystal Art Scroll Kit 35x45cm

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 Crystal Art 35x45cm Scroll Kit - Savannah

  • Bring the beauty of the savannah into your home with our Crystal Art Scroll! This officially licensed design features a stunning scene of a traditional African lady surrounded by tropical animals and lush vegetation by the river.
  • This fabulous Crystal Art Scroll kit allows you to create a stunning piece of wall art to display in your home, using the Crystal Art technique.
  • The vibrant colours and intricate details of this Crystal Art Scroll make it a joy to complete using the relaxing Crystal Art technique, also known as “diamond painting”.
  • The scroll comes pre-attached to attractive wooden hanger bars - simply hang onto a nail or hook in the wall, when you've completed your project. The concept is similar to painting by numbers. Each design has a numbered, adhesive template.
  • Use the tool to lift up the coloured resin gems and place them on the corresponding numbered dots. The technique, also known as "diamond painting" or "diamond art", is a relaxing and therapeutic craft activity, suitable for adults and children (ages 8+) alike.
  • The result is a stunning piece of rhinestone art to display. This Crystal Art Scroll is perfect for adding a touch of the wild and exotic to your home décor.

Product Contents:

  • Pre-mounted scroll, with stylish wooden hangers and hanging string
  • Tray
  • Crystal pick-up pen
  • Gel wax
  • Bags for left over crystal gems
  • Pre bagged and labelled crystals
  • Step by step instructions

Product Dimensions:

  • 35cm x 45cm

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 8 years and above

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