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Set of 2 Crystal Art 18pc Tray Organiser

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CA-TOOL01  Set of 2 Crystal Art 18pc Tray Organiser

This Crystal Art Tray Organiser is the perfect tool to help organise and make your life easier whilst doing your Crystal Art projects. The set comes with 2 x lightweight foam trays, which each contain 4 standard sized green trays and storage pots.

This means you can easily switch between crystal colours when working on your projects, saving time and making the Crystal Art process ultimately more enjoyable. The design also reduces the risk of trays tipping over! F

inally, there is also space to store your pick up pen/pencil and wax.

  1. 2 x Foam red organisers
  2. 8 x standard green trays
  3. 8 x 4 storage pots for a total of 32 pots