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CAHB02: Crystal Art Hanging Basket Kits - EASTER

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Crystal Art Hanging Basket Kits - EASTER

Our Crystal Art Hanging Basket kits take our crystal card concept a step further,
by enabling you to create a beautiful piece of art to decorate your home or to
give as a handmade gift. The concept is similar to painting by numbers and is
also known as Diamond Painting. Each design has a numbered, adhesive

template. Use the tool to lift up the coloured resin gems and place them on the
corresponding numbered dots. The technique is a relaxing and therapeutic
craft activity, suitable for adults and children alike. The result is a stunning
piece of rhinestone art, which you can mount on your wall, or gift to a loved
This beautiful Spring Hanging Basket is perfect brighten up any room and a
must have item for any home. Add some colour and sparkle to your front door
or wall!
A great craft for the whole family to enjoy.

What's included:

  • 1 x Hanging Basket
  • Coded bags of crystals
  • 2 x trays
  • 2 x pens
  • 2 x jelly wax
  • 2 x finger grips
  • Mini zip lock bags
  • Chain attachment