FF-SFKT1: Forever Flowerz Sunflowers- Makes approx 120 Flowers

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This stunning collection of Sunflowers, gives you enough materials to make 120 vibrant flowers in total. You will make 60 large (10cm) Sunflower heads and 60 small (5cm) Sunflower heads across two colours, Yellow & Orange.

They make stunning statement flowers for arrangements and home décor projects, giving you a bright and cheerful burst of colour. The kits are simple to use and easy to construct.


  • Forever Flowerz Sunflowers - Makes 120 Flowerz
  • 90pcs petal shape A in Yellow
  • 90pcs petal shape A in Orange
  • 60pcs petal shape B in Yellow
  • 60pcs petal shape B in Orange
  • 60 end caps for small flowers
  • 60 end caps for large flowers
  • 60 small centre stems
  • 60 large centre stems
  • Step by step instruction manual