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Forever Flowerz Gorgeous Gerberas - PASTELS

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Forever Flowerz Gorgeous Gerberas - Pastels

  • The very latest addition to the Forever Flowerz range from Craft Buddy, are the impressive and extra-large Gerberas. These flower heads measure an impressive 10.5cm and are super simple to create. This kit Makes approx. 40 flower with 29cm stems.
  • Made up of only two sizes of petals, you will layer 7 of them together, following our easy step by step instructions, and create your own handmade flowers in next to no time.
  • We have also included our flocked Gerbera stems so this kit contains all you need to make an arrangement.
  • Our petals are pre cut and pre coloured, although the fabric will hold onto dyes, inks and sprays if you would like to personalise your makes.
  • These flowers do not require any glue or tools to create and all your materials are included to make approximately 40 flower heads across 3 different colours.

Product Contents:

In your Pastels collection, you will receive:

  • Step by step instruction leaflet
  • 40pcs petal shape A in Cream
  • 30pcs petal shape B in Cream
  • 40pcs petal shape A in Pink
  • 30pcs petal shape B in Pink
  • 40pcs petal shape A in Peach
  • 30pcs petal shape B in peach
  • 40pcs petal shape A in Purple
  • 30pcs petal shape B in Purple
  • 40 pollen covered centre stems
  • 40 end caps
  • 40 x 29cm flocked stems

Product Dimensions:

  • These flower heads measure an impressive 10.5cm. This kit Makes approx. 40 flower with 29cm stems.

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 8 years and above

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