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"Jumbo Dahlias" Forever Flowerz makes approx 100 flowers

  • £39.00

Forever Flowerz Jumbo Dahlias makes approx 100 flowers

This new collection of jumbo-sized Dahlias is a beautiful, full bloom flower and perfect to add vibrancy and statement flowers to any of your displays. You will have enough materials to make approximately 100 flower heads. 20 flowers in each of the colours:






Simply layer the pre-cut and pre coloured, fabric petals, with the components, as per your instruction leaflet, to build these impressive realistic flowers. 

You will receive:

  • Wooden hand held tool
  • Step by step instruction booklet
  • 100 flower head stems 1.5cm
  • 100 end caps
  • 100 basket caps
  • 100 pcs petal shape A in all colours
  • 40 pcs petal shape B in all colours
  • 40 pcs petal shape C in all colours


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