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Forever Flowerz Pumpkin Wreath Kit

  • £26.99

Our Autumnal "Pumpkin" Wreath kit offers you the perfect opportunity to embrace Autumn and Halloween...

This stunning pumpkin wreath could be used all year round, as the pumpkins can easily be removed, replaced and reused…making it the ideal Autumn wreath to add colour to you home!

With no additional tools or materials needed, it is a great complete kit that gives you stunning results quickly! If you would like to create a more permanent design with your wreath, you can use a glue gun to secure all elements.

The foliage and flowers, simple attach to the wreath connectors, you can also add any additional foliage an flowers you may have from the Forever Flowerz range, with the modular interchangeable system.

Product Contents

  • 33cm wreath base with connectors and hanging hook
  • Step by step instruction booklet
  • Wooden handle tool
  • 6 Pumpkins
  • 30 Eucalyptus foliage sprigs
  • 10 fern branches
  • 30 bud branches
  • 6 berry sprigs
  • Components to make 6 Peonies
  • 10 large leaf clusters
  • 5 bud branches

Features and Benefits

  • Complete kit
  • Wreath can be used for different seasons, with the addition of pumpkins for autumn



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