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Forever Flowerz Vintage Leaves Kit

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An assortment of 8 different types of foliage sprigs, 20 of each, all in a soft green and frosted vintage collection. Giving the customer 160 connectable sections of foliage that fir the Forever Flowerz wreath and stems perfectly.


You will receive:

  • 20 sprigs of Eucalyptus: double leaves
  • 20 sprigs of Rose leaves: 6 leaves per stem
  • 20 sprigs of soft buds: each with triple stems
  • 20 sprigs of Dark green leaves: each with a small, medium and large leaf
  • 20 sprigs of light green and white leaves: each with 3 leaves
  • 20 sprigs of pine needle foliage
  • 20 sprigs of light green fern: double stems
  • 20 sprigs of dark green fern: double stems
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