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"Winter Holly Wreath" Forever Flowerz - 33cm

  • £18.99
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Forever Flowerz Winter Holly Wreath

  • Personalise and make your own festive wreath! With a simple and easy to use wreath base, the connectors for all the pine needles, foliage and berries, included in your kit, and ANY of the Forever Flowerz ranges (available separately).
  • You can choose to further adorn your wreath with your favourite flowers, with the modular system, or create this perfectly festive, pine cone and berry wreath with the complete kit.
  • You can glue your pine needles, berries, baubles or flowers onto the connectors and leaves for a more permanent and embellished finish, or simply slide your foliage on and can be adapted at a later date. Complete wreath kit with berry and pine cone accessories. Flowers can be added if purchased separately.

Product Contents:

  • 33cm wreath base
  • Instruction leaflet
  • 80 snowy pine needle connectors
  • 10 Holly leaf connectors
  • 5 Ivy leaf connectors
  • 10 white covered pine cones
  • 10 red berry clusters
  • 10 craft wires (30cm)

Product Dimensions:

  • Radius of the Wreath is 33cm.

Age Range:

  • This product is suitable for individuals aging 8 years and above

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