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"Luxury Orchids" Forever Flowerz x20

  • £33.80

Bring your home to life with these stunning Luxury Orchids...

These beautiful Orchids can be used in displays, vase arrangements, wire wrapped to garlands and wreaths… or even used as a stop gap to fill real orchid plants in between blooms!

This huge set of Forever Flowerz Orchids, gives you everything you need to make 20 full bloom stems, with 4 flowers on each, creating 80 flowers in total.

  • Product contents:

    • 20 stems: 39cm
    • 80 White flower centre caps
    • 80 Orange flower caps
    • Large petals in 4 colours (Yellow/pink,White, Purple, White with mottled finish)
    • Small petals in corresponding colours
    • Step by step instructions


    Approx 39cm tall.



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